Do you ever have a dream you know you’re going to think about all day?

I walked into a dark roomand then walked through a curtain. I was in a coffee shop Ive been here before. The art is different this time. There is a show going on but everyone and everything is completely quiet. I look around the small venue there is a thick smell of sweat and mocha it makes my eyes water by the time I squeeze out the tears I can see again and when it comes into focus I see henry rollins is standing there with a mic in his hands everyone is breathing very heavily and still completely silent some of them are covered in blood. I feel like I just missed something very important. I walk over at a quicked pace. I throw my purse on the ground the contents spill everywhere (lipstick, a joint, a mug, bottles of pills, change) Im face to face with him. I take his face in my hands and kiss him deeply I don’t know how much time passes. its still silent, everyone is still watching. I move to the couch next to the stage and the show continues. I think about this guy i like and that I’m excited to tell him about this. Suddenly im outside what seems to be a park, ive never been here before. There is snow on the ground. Henry asks why I left before it finished. I don’t respond. He asks again this time screaming at me. Then tells me that my kiss was weak and lacked real meaning and I need to try to live life instead of faking it. I feel so angry at this point I just continue to stare at him he looks down and looks scarred I look down too there is blood in the snow its falling from my mouth I was biting my lip the whole time. He kisses me again, its different this time. He tells me to stop faking it and leaves.

The hell does that all mean